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Safepillsmart.com is a widely reputed online pharmacy shop popular for the selling Generic Latisse eyelashes growth serum. The first major purpose of this medicine was to aid glaucoma treatment that affects mainly elderly patients. It is caused by clogging of fluid inside the eyeball that causes intensive pressure on the optic nerve and also surrounding nerve channels that helps to interpret images to our brain and help us see. Using bimatoprost for the same purpose helped to treat glaucoma by relieving the intense pressure caused by aqueous fluid that flows out after using the drops regularly. This way, the vision affected by glaucoma that turns blurred and callous is slowly restored properly and they can see clearly. This medication is the best option against surgical process with a costly affair and also very risky.

The second most important reason for a large scale demand of bimatoprost is that it has special properties in increasing the length of the eyelashes which is why the drug became more of a cosmetic for growing eyelashes in no time. Our online drug store of safepillsmart.com specializes in selling the generic version of the bimatoprost and also careprost. Both are sought highly for its amazing after effects where the eyelashes are boosted for a speedy growth within 4-5 weeks that transforms a dull and skimpy look magically into magnificently thick, long and dark eyelashes. You are able to grow your own then who would want fake eyelashes to cover their sparse lashes.
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