Action Mechanism Valtrex

Once taken, Valtrex works as an anti-viral medicine by effecting the virus that is responsible for herpes and cold sores. The chemical formula that includes acyclovir is the anti-viral that works by stopping the reproduction of the virus causing cold sores. Once it gets into the infected cells of the body, it works by blocking the action of the enzyme called polymerase. By stopping the growth of virus, there is a reduction in new cold sores being formed. It is a fast acting anti viral medicine that also works on reducing the severity of sores. The active ingredient Valacyclovir is the reason for conversion of acyclovir as an anti-viral medicine. While Valtrex works on reducing the pain and discomfort of cold sores and herpes, it also works by reducing the formation of new sores and the reappearance of sores is also reduced drastically. One can take Valacyclovir as soon as you see the symptoms of sores in order to avoid sores from forming. The effect of the medicine depends on the severity and how quickly you have started the treatment.

Benefits of the product Valtrex

Valacyclovir is a fast acting anti-viral medicine that treats sores effectively. It is essential to remember that there is no cure for cold sores as the virus lives in your body even after treating sores and hence many people like to take Valtrex just as they see symptoms of sores in order to avoid the pain and discomfort. Some benefits of Valacyclovir HCL are: 1. The first thing done by Valacyclovir is to get a relief from the pain and discomfort of sores. 2. Heals sores faster due to its anti-viral action. 3. As it is an anti-viral medicine, it stops the growth of virus and hence it treats sores quickly. 4. As the growth of sores is stopped, a reduce in severity of sores is also noted. 5. There are no new sores formed. 6. There is less reappearance seen in the sores.

Dosage and storage information of Valtrex

Valtrex HCL is available to be taken orally in strengths of 500mg and 1 gm. The dose of the medicine depends on the problem, the severity and how quickly you start treating it. For effective results, it is best to start taking Valacyclovir as soon as you see the symptoms.
Below is the general dose guidance for various problems: For Herpes simplex labialis: The usual dose is to take 2gms of 2 does orally for 2 times in a day with a gap of 12 hours between the doses.
For herpes simplex mucocutaneous: It is advised to take 1g of 2 doses per day for 10 days. And for recurrent episodes, you may be advised to take 500mg 2 times a day for 3 days or 1gm per day for 5 days.
For herpes Zoster: The usual dose is to take 1g orally to be taken every 8 hours for a period of 7-10 days. For Pediatric use of simplex Labialis in children above 12 years, an usual doe of 2gms of 2 doses each to be taken orally with a time gap of 12 hours.
For children below 12 years, 1gm of 2 doses per day for 5-10 days. For mild renal impairments of herpes labialis, you may take 1gm of 2 does with 12 hours apart. For herpes zoster in renal impairment, 1gm per day with 12 hours apart. Store Valtrex tablets in a cool and dry place.

Precautions to be taken while using Valtrex

Before taking Valacyclovir, discuss your general health condition including the current problems and medicines that you are taking. Specially discuss problems related o kidney, HIV/AIDS or any bone marrow transplant problems with your doctor.

There are no studies that reveal if this medicine will harm the unborn baby.
But as herpes can pass the bay, it is advisable to prevent the lesions during your pregnancy.
This medication passes into breast milk. Inform the doctor in case you are breast feeding.

Drink a lot of water while you are taking this pills in order to keep your kidney function proper.
Lesions caused by herpes should be kept clean and dry.
Avoid giving it to children without doctor’s supervision.

Side Effects of Valtrex

Some side effects are: • Nausea
• Dizziness
• Drowsiness
• Menstrual pains
• Joint pians
• Tiredness
• Vomiting
• Stuffy nose
• Sore throat
• Depression
Some serious side effects caused by this medication will be:
• Mood changes (such as confusion or agitation or hallucinations)
• Feeling Shaky
• Trouble in speaking
• Signs of kidney problems related to the amount of urine passed
• Seizures
• Breathing difficulties
You need to call for immediate medical help if you notice any problems like change in color of urine or skin, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, changes in heartbeat, extreme tiredness, changes in vision and bleeding gums/nose. This medicine may have life-threatening problems if you conditions like HIV/AIDS or nay kidney problems.

User Reviews for Valacyclovir

Every medicine works differently for everyone. The severity of the problem and how quickly the treatment starts is the key to treat herpes and sores. Reviews here are an average thought of users who have given their reviews on various websites.

Many people have been prescribed Valtrex for cold sores treatment and herpes. And they have found the medicine to be very effective in treating the concerns with some feeling tired and headaches and nausea as common side effects. Even the people who have been suffering from cold sores and herpes for years have found a great relief with this medicine.